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Is your website mobile friendly?

Is your website mobile friendly?

So you have spent a lot of time on getting your brand new WordPress site looking exactly how you want it.

Of course, web design is carried out on desk top primarily and while your new website may look good on the big screen, did you think to check how it looks on your mobile device?

This is really important, as a lot of online browsing is carried out on mobile devices these days, and so web design must move with the times. This is where a responsive design comes in to play. A responsive WordPress site will automatically respond to the dimensions of the screen you are browsing on, making it much easier to navigate the site as a user.

That being said, your site will look different from desktop screen to mobile, and you must take this into consideration when building a responsive site.

The best thing to do is test out your WordPress site on a range of devices so that you can design it accordingly.

So before you hit launch, be sure to make sure you are mobile friendly – after all, you want to give visitors an easy and pleasant experience so that they are happy to return to your site, blog or online shop.

Thankfully WordPress has made this a relatively painless task to cover, with plugins and responsive themes available.

How to get your Business to the top of Google

How to get your Business to the top of Google

You’re heard that getting to the top of Google is key for business success. Despite changes to the Google algorithm, this hasn’t changed. The truth is people are unlikely to look at the second page of Google results. They certainly won’t bother with results after pages three or four. You want your business to be at the top, and here are three tips to do it.

Have a Responsive Website

It’s time to get rid of that 2000-style website. What looked fashionable back then is dated now; a lot changes in 16 years. Your website needs to be responsive, and that means mobile friendly. Your SEO attempts won’t matter if your website is not suitable for tablets and smartphone devices. More people are using these devices for looking online now than ever before, and that trend is only going to keep going that way.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

There was once a time that you could add in your keywords all over your website and it would work. Google changed its algorithm because of this; too many were gaming the system. Avoid stuffing your website with keywords, and write for your audience. What do they need and want to know from you?

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Yes, your keyword phrases are still important for SEO, but you need to add them in naturally and not too often. Long-tail keywords are much better, as these are the phrases people are more likely to type to find you. As so many are still using shorter keywords, using the longer ones will also mean less competition and less chance of your readers hitting the back button, as they find exactly what they need the first time.

It’s time to improve your business stance on Google.

With the above three tips, you will certainly be on your way.

Six Reasons to Refresh Your Logo

Six Reasons to Refresh Your Logo

Every business knows the importance of logo; without having something to represent your business, it is just not possible for you to occupy a proper space in the minds of people. If you really want to grab the attention of your customers and help them remember you or your business for a long period of time, you need a nice logo.

This is exactly where graphic design services come into the picture for different businesses houses.

If you have something in your mind, a picture or a sign that can represent your business, you can share your thoughts with such a team.

In return, the team members use their ideas and develop something that completely represents your product, brand, business or service.
The moment people lay their eyes upon the symbol, which has been specifically designed for your business, they remember you or your brand. It is something that remains with you forever.

But do you really think it is good to have something stuck on your brand, forever?

What if we say it is important for you to refresh your business logo, with the help of branding services?

Here are the top six reasons that would help you know why:


  • It is not possible for people to remember your logo for a long period of time; even if they do, they get bored of it, after a few years. To kill the monotony, it is essential for you to refresh your business logo.
  • Changes are good; if you want to bring in some change to your business, change the logo and see the difference in the demands and sales of your products or services.


  • If you have introduced something new over the time, it is better to have something added to your logo. When you contact the teams of web design services, which are also into logo designing services, you can tell them about the additions you need in your logo.


  • You refresh your existence in the minds of people; if some of your old customers have forgotten you, it is time for you to remind them about your business by bringing the new logo.


  • If your brand has not been popular in the market, refresh the symbol that represents it and find out if this time, the customers are able to trust you.


  • Sometimes, we are ourselves not satisfied with the logo of our business; if this is the case, refreshing it is the only option.