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Why having a Website is important!

Why having a Website is important!

Having a website is important for a variety of different reasons. The first major reason you should have a website is that businesses, all around the world, has become digitalized. Everyone is on the internet at any given time, whether they use the internet on a desktop computer, laptop computer, smart phone, smart TV, or tablet. The internet is all around us. As a small business owner, it’s important to recognize the mass digitalization and use it to your advantage to gain new customers and increase revenue.

If you own a small business, a well-crafted website can lead to a variety of positive changes for your company. One of the main goals of running a business is to increase revenue and keep a leg up on the competition. Conducting business online may allow you to gain new customers, make business easier for current customers, and create more revenue. The first thing to consider is selling your product online. Offering online sales will undoubtedly increase revenue and may make it more convenient for customers to receive your products. In the past decade, online shopping has flourished tremendously in popularity; almost every person has bought at least one thing or another online. Many consumers look for the convenience of buying products online, which can be done 24/7 and 365 days per year.

Depending on your business, some items are not the best choice to sell online, but a website can still be useful for a variety of other purposes. Having an impressive website may introduce new customers to you through advertising on search engines such as Google. For example, if you own a pet store, you can work with search engines such as Google or Yahoo to have your website’s link appear near the top of the search engine’s page as a customer views results from their search. Additionally, there are other methods of advertising on the internet that are much more low-cost than alternatives, such as newspaper, TV and radio ads.

Not only will a website help you obtain more customers, it will allow for better business for current customers. Most successful websites have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), troubleshooting page, or a contact page that will allow current customers to resolve issues more quickly and easily and may make them customers for life. Having a website will allow you to facilitate better and more efficient communication with customers. While your shop is not open 24 hours per day, your website will be available for customers at any time.

In this day and age, technology and e-commerce are booming. In order to not be left behind, and to increase the success and revenue of your business, it’s important to have a professional and helpful website.

How to get your Business to the top of Google

How to get your Business to the top of Google

You’re heard that getting to the top of Google is key for business success. Despite changes to the Google algorithm, this hasn’t changed. The truth is people are unlikely to look at the second page of Google results. They certainly won’t bother with results after pages three or four. You want your business to be at the top, and here are three tips to do it.

Have a Responsive Website

It’s time to get rid of that 2000-style website. What looked fashionable back then is dated now; a lot changes in 16 years. Your website needs to be responsive, and that means mobile friendly. Your SEO attempts won’t matter if your website is not suitable for tablets and smartphone devices. More people are using these devices for looking online now than ever before, and that trend is only going to keep going that way.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

There was once a time that you could add in your keywords all over your website and it would work. Google changed its algorithm because of this; too many were gaming the system. Avoid stuffing your website with keywords, and write for your audience. What do they need and want to know from you?

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Yes, your keyword phrases are still important for SEO, but you need to add them in naturally and not too often. Long-tail keywords are much better, as these are the phrases people are more likely to type to find you. As so many are still using shorter keywords, using the longer ones will also mean less competition and less chance of your readers hitting the back button, as they find exactly what they need the first time.

It’s time to improve your business stance on Google.

With the above three tips, you will certainly be on your way.